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released January 31, 2014

recorded at punkall by joey seward on a black moon



all rights reserved


SLOUCH Olympia, Washington


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Track Name: Screens
You think you're really doing something, but what the fuck do you do?
You're just staring at that god damned light, no one looking back at you.
Yeah you're surfin on the world wide web, trying to change the world.
Organize or get the fuck out, you can't take action on a message board.

Tired of commercial youth culture, postured through the glare of the screen.
Illusions of action, activity; keeping you from where you wanted to be.
Track Name: ACAB
Can't eat cause food is a luxury, can't sleep here cause it's your property.
You're fucking lazy, why don't you care? You're fucking crazy, life should be fair.
Don't steal cause you tell me not to. Food's still a luxury, so I've still got to.
You're fucking lazy, why don't you care? You're fucking crazy, life should be fair.

Everything just stays the same...
Track Name: Trust No One
Getting nowhere, I can't take it, I can't do this by myself.
No progression with this depression, don't know how to ask for help.
Too much time to think about you, how you stuck me in this cell.
Wanna show you consequences, welcome to my fucking hell.

Fuck you for making me feel this way. Couldn't control yourself? I think about it every day.
Was I somehow responsible? No way, no way. I was just a fucking kid, you took advantage of me.
I didn't know that it was up to me. Something you owned, it was my "responsibility."
I was blind at the time, but now I see. No one should feel this way, but why'd it have to be me?

Laying, weeping, never sleeping, no more energy to spare.
Can't stop thinking and it kills me that you know but you don't care.
Track Name: Part Two
You're standing on my chest and you're pounding on your own.
I'm telling you now I am not something that you own.
You're looking at me like I am something that I'm not.
You better watch yourself cause you ain't got what I got.

My perspective comes from a life of pain, but I wouldn't take it back for all the strength that I've gained.
It's not easy to accept all these scars, but it's important that I do because they're mine, not yours.
Here's to all of us who live day to day. I'm fighting and I'm struggling to know how to say:
You can't claim this or control me now. it's harder some days, but I'm still here somehow.

Fuck you for making me feel this way, but I control this now, remind myself every day.
Grateful to myself for all my strength, but I'll never forget that first you took it away.
Track Name: Lahar
The mountain, speaks its promise of doom,
in tongues older than time, older than tide, it ends us.

Visions of imminence, on a scale to end us, to uproot us like so many dead trees.
To dispose, to discover.
Track Name: Release
Indoctrination, mental starvation, I can't keep up with this life.
Hours missing, I'm just pissing everything away despite
All my hunger, all my need for something to show for this strife.
But I still wake up, and I keep working, just so I can get through this life.

Bodies worn from lost years, these hands crack and bleed.
Repetition renders spirits dead, creativity collapses in decay.
Mental atrophy torn from ancient depths, doing anything to kill the pain inside.
Pretend it's not happening to you. It happens every day.
Survival, for what? You never learned how to live.
A life working for nothing isn't worth living.

I can't take anymore, what am I waiting for?
I've got to get myself out of this hell hole that is life.